All Clothes are Paint Clothes

All the clothes that come into our home are potential paint clothes.

It started out with my “paint pants”.

Anytime I’d want to get crafty, I’d put on my Dickies scrub pants and a white ribbed tank undershirt and I’d work, free to get my clothes all painty. I do much better work when I have the freedom to wear my art. My paint covered pants became a part of the creation, part superstition, mostly joy… not too much unlike the bejeweled bellies of those colorful, charmed trolls of my childhood.

For a time, I managed to get myself into my paint pants before I touched any messy art supplies. This level of care and caution did not last long, however; when caution fell to the wind, it was not just my clothing affected. Soon, Chris found himself too close to me in the studio…and that’s how gesso came to be on his favorite shirt. We shared a laugh and decided all clothes in the studio were potential paint clothes.

When we moved, there was no longer space for a separate studio, and the art surfaces and supplies moved into the living room. The TV was assigned to the back corner of the house, and art took center stage in our home (that has been really cool), so now all clothes in the house are potential paint clothes. Not only that, but it’s highly likely, almost inevitable, that if a piece of clothing is with us long enough, it will get paint on it. (I’m hoping to save my beautiful woven wrap from this fate, but I’ve been known to “just work on this one little piece” while wearing the wee one.)

Over the years I’ve grown less and less concerned with keeping clean and more and more concerned with joyously living this life. I’ll take the messy if what I get in return is a life lived creatively.  I say… slip into a comfortable pair of pants, turn on Spotify, burn some incense and get crafty. Get messy. Wipe your paints and mediums from your hands on your clothes… there is no time to locate an alternative wiping surface when genius is pouring out of you… you must keep working!