Book Review | 50 Portraits

“This is not a lighting book. Although, to be sure, there is a lot of lighting information in it. Perhaps more value in lighting education than any book I have ever read.” —Strobist

Group of images of Gregory Heisler's book, 50 Portraits

“A good conversation over coffee, Heisler’s writing style engages.”

“A glimpse into the mind and creative process of a seasoned pro.”  

“A feast for the eyes and spirit.”

I really just can’t say enough good things about 50 Portraits. More than just another photography book, it’s a treasure. As I read, and re-read, I find I am captivated.. both by the beauty of his images and the wisdom that runs like a rushing river of insight, through his stories.

A tribute to the photographic process, you won’t find lighting diagrams here. Here you’ll find the good stuff…. the heart of it. The art and  the work. Here, Heisler shares his truth and it looks pretty familiar. Looks a lot like passion, fueled by determination and a lot of hard work.

Whew! It’s not a genetic trait we may or may not have inherited. It’s not the luck of the draw. It’s here for the taking. You can do it. I can do it… maybe you are doing it. I know I am. Every day. From photos to blogging to painting to parenting, I’m living this life created/creative.

Anyhow… treat yourself.