Feeding a Film Junkie or Teaching an Artist How to See [An Xmas to Remember, Brought to You by Fuji]
Hello Kitty Instax Camera
Hello Kitty Instax Camera

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat the F*ck to Do About Xmas?

In spite of the work I’ve been doing to stop being a Grinch and embrace the holiday season, getting around to ordering presents in a timely manner is just not my strong suit. Thank goodness for Amazon, because nothing brings out my inner Scrooge like going to a store after Thanksgiving!

It was much further into December than probably reasonable when I finally sat down with my laptop and began my search for gifts that were sure to bring our little humans joy.

Quite Possibly the Easiest Human to Shop For

When it came to finding the perfect gift for our youngest girl child, I knew just where to start… Hello Kitty!

She just loves Hello Kitty.  She also loves anything and everything artistic and creative (wonder where she got that from?!), so of course as soon as I saw that Fuji Instax made a Hello Kitty Instax Mini, I wanted to get it for her.

I started second guessing myself once I recalled ALL of the digital pictures we’ve got stored on a hard drive somewhere from her point and shoot.

And Fuji Instax film is nearly a dollar photo.

And she is just 8 years old.

And how much enjoyment could she get out of her camera if she used up all of her film in under an hour and it turned into a Hello Kitty paperweight?

An $80 Hello Kitty paperweight

Or I could find myself funding a costly film habit…

Fuji Instax Hello Kitty Film

A New Photographic Equation

As I’ve aged, I’ve learned to cycle through all of the thoughts my monkey mind insists on throwing at me pretty quickly, so it took me just a few minutes to see the potential.

I don’t know about you (perhaps I’m just old), but I can recall the joy of the instant gratification of a Polaroid.

There’s a magic in your photo turning into something tangible minutes after you press the shutter.

A digital camera lacks that kind of magic for a child; it’s just too abstract.

Of course she takes endless photos of everything! From the blurry shots of her siblings running around the house, to the accidental shots of the dog’s butt and the TV screen; she photographs anything and everything. Because for her the fun, the magic, lies in pressing the shutter.

The reason for the camera is nearly entirely lost in the abstraction that is the digital image.

But a Fuji Instax offers a whole new equation:



The camera and the adorable camera case made for an xmas she’ll never forget, and the magic of Instax not only makes her giddy, but is teaching her to think about a photo before she presses the shutter button.

I’m having a fabulous time shooting pictures with her… Teaching her all about focus, composition, and lighting.

With her point and shoot she was resistant to any advice I would offer, while with her Fuji she’s having so much fun that she doesn’t even realize she’s learning to think and see like a photographer.