Sometimes I can be found complaining about my fellow humans, how I wish they would try harder, think deeper, live with more intention…occupy a different space in their own consciousness, take a few giant leaps forward on their path. Ridiculous, I know. Also, time suck. But we’re all only practicing, myself included.

Sometimes, I wonder if my preoccupation with how all the other humans are doing it isn’t coming from my own fears that I’m doing it wrong. We’ve got this ONE life to live. This one. Sure, I think I’ve had many before this one and I hope I’ll have many after… but the experience that I can be sure of (or as sure as one can be of anything in this grand illusion) is this ONE life I’m living in this single moment in time/space that I currently occupy. I want to spend these moments well. I can look around me and see the troubles and the heartache in the world… so can you. We all have access to the same global news empire that profits off  of our fear and despair. I can look outside of myself and see these things and feel the pain, visceral in the space in my chest that holds my heart. What I do with that hurt is up to me and to a great degree determines my reality, both present and future. We are creating our realities with the thoughts we allow to occupy our minds and the feelings we allow to occupy our hearts. And when I am embodying my ethereal self, I can sit with that heartache, breathe it into every cell, wrap it in love and light and breathe out….healing.

Remember that each thought you have is sending energy to the manifestation of your reality. Now ask yourself this, are you creating something beautiful?

Just like I tell my children… ‘sure, we should be kind, do good deeds and think positive thoughts because it’s the right thing to do for the world around us’… it’s also the best thing we can do for ourselves. We hold less tension in our musculoskeletal system, our immune systems are stronger, we sleep better, breathe deeper, and live lighter. We are more creative; we allow more space for our creativity to shine through. If I’m going to magically manifest the time and energy for this whole working creative/stay-at-home mom thing, I’m going to have to stay on top of my thought processes and be sure that I’m not throwing away my time and draining my vital energy. I’m going to have to do my best to remain conscious of the life I want to create. This stuff doesn’t happen by accident, it only works when I’m working hard at it and a large part of that hard work is mindfulness.

And that’s what sparked my thought process for this post… how it’s becoming almost second nature for me to redirect my thoughts and send them back to the happy land of unicorns shitting rainbows or something. It wasn’t always easy for me.  I like to complain… and by “I like to complain” what I mean is, I’ve perfected the art of dissatisfaction and by that I mean…. I was an only child. ‘nough said. But-t-t-t-tttt……. years of studying energy and alternative healing and eastern philosophy and practicing mindfulness and I am starting to finally really get the hang of this having a body, living this whole life experience thing. If I wasn’t walking this path, I don’t think I could be doing this whole ‘living a life creative/created’ thing.

Some of us have a tendency to get stuck in our heads complaining, or worrying, or spinning our wheels with resentments… no matter how you choose to unconsciously occupy your headspace, remember that each thought you have is sending energy to the manifestation of your reality.

Now ask yourself this, are you creating something beautiful?