Life Lessons From My Favorite Smart Phone Photo

lifegirl watching fireworks black and white

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y absolute favorite photo from 2018 I shot on the very last day of the year. New Year’s eve. I shot and edited it with my Iphone. My youngest daughter watching the neighbor’s fireworks. I love it. And it’s a smartphone photo. It wasn’t shot with my big girl camera and my favorite Fuji lens, the one with “magic inside”. It was never touched by Creative Cloud.

I’m big on awareness, introspection, self-reflection…

and I noticed something somewhere abouts the middle of last year… I take one helluva photo with my Iphone. That’s not saying I don’t make great images with my Fuji, but I find the Iphone images are easier to come by. And it’s more than just my phone always being in my pocket, there seems to be a magic creativity booster to be found in constraint. Limitations breed creative thought, at least for me anyhow.

Same goes for art. All of the seven medium sized uhaul boxes (yeah, I’ve moved a lot) of supplies that I have are overwhelming when they’re all at my fingertips. I can quite literally create¬†anything¬†that I could ever desire to create.


When I leave the house with an art journal, my favorite liquid acrylics colors, some neocolors, and a brush… magic happens.

Making something out of a less than ideal situation forces my creativity into overdrive and gets shit flowing.

Same goes for life.

The sky quite literally fell on our family in 2017 and it was a domino effect of oh-my-fucking-god-really?! I spent my fair share of time in my hind brain (that reactionary lizard brain fight-or-flight shit), surviving the avalanche of life’s B.S. raining down on my loved ones and my dreams.

I kept saying, “I feel like I’m drowning”. I was waiting for my life raft. My break. The universe to show mercy upon my weary soul.

2019 is me waking up… coming to consciousness again. It feels a lot like waking from a bad dream, but in reality it’s only me waking up to my power. It’s just me, remembering I work best with limitations; just me, remembering I’m crafty enough to make the best of a not so great situation.

…me remembering to live a life creative/created.