Love Matters
[dropcap]I[/dropcap] do not come from an easy life. I do not have soft stories to tell.  And here I stand. I persist. And after all I’ve seen and done and survived, these last 5 months have easily been the most difficult moments I have yet lived through. Our family has been shaken to the core.

It all started shortly after our move to Athens, GA… Chris was on a business trip when a piece of hotel ceiling fell on his head. Closed head injury and concussion. A neck injury serious enough that surgery might be required.

It was many weeks before the brain he has always relied on, that his job depends on, slowly began to look like it might recover. We are now in month 5 of ongoing severe neck pain and constant headaches. Instead of working to establish myself as a photographer in this new place, instead of dedicating to finding friends and some sort of community for ourselves and our kiddos… we have been merely surviving.

Then, most recently, the brain bleed and subsequent emergency brain surgery.

More surviving.

I have made few photographs, and even less art… I am struggling to even appear as though I am keeping up with blogging. I wonder, often, when… or even if, our lives will regain a sense of normalcy.

It has been a fight to just keep the hope alive, and I am positive that all of the wonderful friends we have (no matter the miles between us), and all of their love and light and distance healing… are the reason we are able to keep our wits about us and continue moving forward.

In the words of a dear friend of mine, “Love matters.”

I am writing this now to say ‘thank you’… To everyone that has offered their time, an ear, a prayer; to all that have lit candles and carried us in their hearts. I can not imagine doing this without you.