Overwhelm, Grossness & Zen

Toddler with a dirty face

Kids are disgusting. They’re more often than not covered in grossness and then rubbing their tiny gross bodies all about the house… on people, pets and furniture. They even rub it in, like some kind of filth lotion.

At least their immune systems are strong, never mind the weird tackiness you can’t seem to wash off your hands after you touch one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re also adorable and cuddly and bring with them unicorns that prance around your family skipping on rainbows and shitting Skittles ™.

It’s quite the challenge to keep up with peeling back the layers of god-awful grossness from around the house… and keep the children alive-and cared for- and educated… and well loved.

And the dogs, don’t forget the dogs or sometimes we do forget to give them their doggie attention for a couple of days, and then remember when we step in a puddle of dog pee… so thoughtfully placed next to something we value.

And to keep up with being creative- with living creatively.

The emails, the blogging, the clutter, the grime, the never ending laundry and dishes, the meal planning, the teeth brushing, the helping your monster play “teach your monster to read”…every single day.

The homemade toothpaste, and salve, and tincture making… The trying to start a garden but watching your dogs slowly destroy it over the course of a couple weeks. All of this, and the lost sleep to night time infant care… oh, and the diapers-washing ALL the diapers… and all of the times we’ve got to take the infant to the bathroom because elimination communication is super awesome unless you’ve got shit to get done…and then you wish he’d just be content to pee on himself like all the other 2 month old babies.

There is always just so much to do, and once we begin to make a dent in our never-ending to-do list, more just piles on top of us. It’s chaotic-it’s messy-it’s beautiful. It’s beyond beautiful; it’s perfect.

We’re really doing this whole ‘experience festival we like to call life’ thing. We’re doing work that means something to us, sharing our experiences of passionate, creative living. And hopefully, we are inspiring others to do the same along the way. The world is in desperate need of more passionate creatives.

We’re raising free-range children with so much shen in their eyes the light that shines from them makes the sun look more like a new moon rising… And we’re raising ourselves to grow up to be better people today than we were yesterday. More conscious, more aware, more awe-inspired, and more madly in love with the beautiful, eternal, here and now.