Why You Want to Shoot Your Tween

Blonde girl sitting on stairs

She is outgrowing childhood.  I can sense womanhood on the horizon. The last of her baby fat is slowly fading from her cheeks, and I’ve got the x-ray from the dentist clearly showing her one. last. baby tooth

And it’s starting to really sink in…

…this girl child is moving towards independence.

Developing her very own groove.

Tween transformations.

I didn’t realize what a big deal this stage of life is until the biggest little (can I even call her a little anymore) celebrated her 11th birthday.

Her half birthday just passed, so we’re well into her 11th year. It’s definitely my favorite thus far, leaving me filled with anticipation of the future fun we’ll have in her teen years!

She’s developing a wisdom (it’s making her quite witty); … her own personal style is beginning to really emerge. She’s willfully and intentionally taking on more responsibility around the house; she’s also enjoying more liberties.

We are living her coming-of-age story… And it’s worth documenting.

Blonde tween girl with posed on a stairwellI think tweens get lost somewhere between first birthday and senior pictures, and I’m writing this post to tell you…

Don’t forget to shoot your tween.

Blonde Tween girl laughing on a dock on a lake

Hire a pro…or DIY it. Just get the images.

Don’t forget to print them.

You could leave your memories on a hard drive and see them the couple of times a year you go to clean up your files, or you could display prints in your home, your office, your studio, and see them daily

She’s had a lot of pictures taken, so it’s not really her thing anymore. I don’t get a lot of photographs of her, and that’s probably the number one reason I’m so glad we decided to do this shoot.

She put together an outfit and put on a little makeup (which her mom had all the feels about)… and we went out together for a stroll downtown.  We had a great time and made some beautiful photos together!

These images capture the childhood she’s leaving behind her, the tween she has recently grown into, and a glimpse of the woman she will one day become.

Memories get preserved.  She gets a boost to her self esteem, at a time in her life where self-confidence is both essential and sometimes in short supply.