Welcome to Self Taught Human

…a quirky little blog where offbeat humans can find tips, tricks, anecdotes, & random tidbits of philosophy concerning all sorts of things related to; peacefully parenting your rugrats, growing your soul, hacking your health, and a fearless, give no fucks kind of creativity.

Hi, I’m Fury, Founder and Fabulous Misfit.

My mission is to inspire the everyday superheroes. Ya know, the ones whose capes are lying on top of the pile of dirty laundry on their bedroom floor…


{Blogger, Photographer, Artist, Mother, Healer, Ever-Evolving Self Taught Human.}

Some Random Bits of Info

  • I see life as art, and those of us that are willing to turn our heart’s inside out in order to squeeze every last drop of ourselves into living it, as artists.
  • I was once described as a ‘punk rock techno hippie’, and I kind of adopted it as my personal slogan.  
  • I’ve spent the past 15 years studying anything and everything related to peaceful parenting, personal growth, alternative medicine, and art & photography. 
  • In a past life, before staying home to raise my babies, I spent a couple of years working as an acupuncture apprentice, chiropractic assistant, and massage therapist.
  • My interests and inspirations are multifaceted, but they’re all interconnected. It’s my love of shared information and perspectives that sparked the start of Self taught human.
  • I believe the internet is a truly beautiful thing, and now more than ever we have the ability to help each other learn and grow. Please, stay awhile, explore, and join me on the journey of the Self Taught Human!



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