Welcome to Self Taught Human

…a quirky little blog where offbeat humans can find tips, tricks, anecdotes, & random tidbits of philosophy concerning all sorts of things related to; peacefully parenting your rugrats, growing your soul, hacking your health, and a fearless, give no f*cks kind of creativity.

Hi, I’m Fury, Founder and Fabulous Misfit.



I’m a blogger, a photographer, an artist, a mother, a healer, and an ever-evolving self taught human.
From addict to attachment parent, to massage therapist & acupuncture apprentice, and then artist… I’ve been forging my own way and following my heart for as long as I can remember. I’ve been mothering myself, and in spite of my shortcomings, I’m quite proud of the human I’m growing into.

I’ve learned some shit along the way, and that’s what this blog is all about.
At the heart of it is my desire to inspire my fellow travelers to be brave enough to live their authentic lives; from the philosophical, to creating your best work, to
surviving the everyday

My mission is to inspire the everyday superheroes. Ya know, the ones whose capes are lying on top of the pile of dirty laundry on their bedroom floor…




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