The Universe is Speaking, Are You Listening? The Super Simple Secret to Being Open to Communication With the Eternal

image of a manatee with a quote overlayed

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]niversal messages… Sometimes this communication is subtle, and sometimes it hits you right in the third eye.

Whether a subtle whisper or a clear wake-up call, experiencing the heartwarming, soul moving feeling of connection and the divinity of the eternal communicating with us is nothing short of magic.

We’ve all experienced this at least a few times in our lives, and if your experiences have been anything like mine, those messages offered you a shift in perspective, a path to making necessary changes…

The universe is communicating with us all the time—
The question is, are we listening?
Receiving these messages doesn’t require us to be some sort of sage or bodhisattva or super empath or anything of the sort…

Want to know the secret to receiving those universal messages?
It lies within the stories of the dragonflies and the manatees…

The Dragonflies

2017 has presented quite a few heavy challenges for our family. The spiritual tests have been many, and the ongoing difficulties have definitely chipped away at our ability to keep hoping… to keep looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

It is our ability to listen for the whispers of the multiverse, to see the messages when they’re offered, that has grabbed us by the hand and guided us through some of the more difficult spaces.

The dragonflies were the first of these messages…

Chris and I made a quick run to the craft store for some supply or another– was it Michael’s or Hobby Lobby? I can not recall, likely whoever had the best coupon that day.

I digress… Which craft store it was is insignificant, the important part lies in what happened as we were heading back to the car.

The middle of the summer, gulf coast of Florida sky felt kind of dark above us. But not the, ‘you’re about to experience a 3 minute rain storm’ kind of dark, it was something entirely different. We looked up, and above us swarmed a rather large aggregation of dragonflies.

Hundreds of the beautiful, fairy like insects right above our heads. They stopped us in our tracks, and held our attention for quite some time.

Other shoppers passed us, staring awestruck into the sky, on their way to their vehicles. Some would take momentary notice, remarking to their companions something like, ‘look, dragonflies’, then immediately they would carry on with their conversations, or stare back at their handheld distraction devices, and move on with their day. As if they hadn’t been moved at all.

As we drove home, I could feel my heart fill with a calling to rise to my higher self, to transcend my own bullshit.

When I went to google the symbolism of the dragonfly, what I found resonated deeply with the experience I had just had.

“When dragonfly enters your life, begin releasing yourself from unproductive illusions that hold your soul’s progression back. The dragonfly spirit challenges old habits and concepts that box you in. Transformation is dawning on the horizon.”

The Manatees

Fast forward a couple of months: stress mounting, exhaustion building, the stuff of life just kicking our asses… The message of the dragonflies was slowly getting drown out by the difficulty of the everyday.

And then this happened…

It was the youngest girl child’s 8th birthday and she just loves the beach… So of course I happily drug my sand and sun hating hiney to the beach for the day.

As it turns out, I had a ton of fun swimming with the kiddos… And sunshine and saltwater are really good for you, and just happened to be exactly what I needed.

Anyhow… We had been swimming, and playing, and soaking up the sun for a little over an hour when I hear Nikki call my attention to a large dark mass in the water right next to where the kids and I were standing. It took me a moment to register that the darkness was a creature… or several creatures.

For whatever reason my mind kept going back to crocodile, and after several internal reminders of where crocodiles live– not the gulf… My mind then raced around wondering whether or not I needed to move the children out of harm’s way.

It took me what seemed like forever, but in reality was probably like 30 seconds, to settle on the fact that these creatures were manatees. And thanks to our very recent trip to Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, I recognized by their size that they were juveniles. That’s when the reality of the situation hit me.

These were large ocean mammals, and I was standing right there next to them in the water! This was a lifelong dream coming true, and it only got more beautiful from there.

With no natural predators, the manatees were comfortable with the many humans that had gathered. Slowly they made their way up the shoreline. Most of the people that had gathered were staring at screens, taking pictures and shooting video. Echo and I trailed right behind them, making the most beautiful birthday memories, and soaking up the magic of the moment with the manatees.

The manatees were exactly what I needed. As we swam with them, I could hear the universe telling me to have faith; to trust that everything was as it should be.

Again, when I went to look up the symbolic meaning of manatees, just as with the dragonflies, it resonated deeply.

“Trust the path before you, and trust your senses in guiding you there.”

The Secret

The thing my fellow onlookers to both experiences had in common was this, they were merely onlookers. The dragonflies and the manatees were things they were seeing rather than experiencing. Whether they were allowing themselves to be distracted by the past, the future, a distraction device, or some combination of the three… They were not experiencing the moment.

My experience of both the dragonflies and the manatees was so much different than most of the people around me… And the difference lies in this Super Simple Secret…

Put down your phone. Set aside your worries (you can always pick them up again later if they’re really that important to you)…

Let go of attachments and expectations…

Do not live in the past, it has come and gone. There is nothing you can do to change it.

Do not fret over the future, it has yet to arrive, and lingering there will lead only to you missing the beauty that lies right before your eyes.

Be Here Now.

You can’t hear the universe speaking if you aren’t listening. You can’t listen if you’re not paying attention.

The moment is a gift available to all of us if we just remind ourselves to take a deep breath, relax into it, and let go of all the B.S. screaming inside our brains for attention.

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